April 22, 2022
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Connect your contentful workspace to Contentable


In order to create an AI model according to your data, we connect directly to you content management system (CMS). Contentful is the first of our many integeration. In this article you will learn to connect to your contentful workspace with simple few clicks.

Here are the steps:

Create an account

The first thing to do is to create an account. In order to do this, you will need to enter your email address, a password and a username.

Next, you will be asked for your name and your real-world name. You can change these later but it is important that you have them right now so that you can get started.

Create a contentful Delivery API Key

Head to your contentful dashboard, find Settings and click API Keys. You will be take to  page bellow, where you can create a content delivery API Key

After clicking Add API Key choose a Name and a Description, and make a copy of the Space ID and the Content Delivery API - access token.

Add the API Key to Your Contentable Profile

Next, head into your contentable dashboard and nagivate to the Profile section. Paste down the Space ID, Environment, the Content Delivery API - access token, and then click save. The environment is master by default.

Verify the Connection

After clicking Save cyou will be redirected to the Contents section where you can see your available contents types.

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